Monday, August 29, 2011

My Light Box

 I have been working on my pictures for my blog, trying to make them look more professional. 
 This is a cubby in my Expedit Bookcase.  I used a roll of paper taped on the back top then rolled it down and taped down to the front.  I also used the cardboard that comes with our SU DSP  to line the sides.  I also have a clamp light clipped to the shelf above.  I  used a 75 watt Daylight lightbulb from Lowes.
 This is really convenient because I don't have to set it up and take it down every time I'd like to take a photo.
This is with the light on
Finished photo If you would like to make this cute box, go here.  I did make adjustments to the size of the belly band, 2  1/2  x 8  1/2 , because I wanted to cover up the tissues completely.


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